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Into the real world:

What it really takes to transition successfully from job seeker to success:

Written by Motshidisi Mokoena. This article forms part of our #gradtogreat series run by our youth for our youth. These are candid and insightful conversations between our young talent are directed at younger unemployed graduates on their journeys from landing a job to excelling in the workplace or as an entrepreneur. You can view the videos on our IG page, take a look and let us know what you think : info@sivuka.com

To transition means to change from one thing to another, like when a caterpillar transitions into a butterfly, and in our case we are talking about transitioning from a student, or graduate and diving straight into the world of work. Just like any process of growth, transitioning may be uncomfortable and uneasy, however, the key is adaptation and being open to learning.

Going into the world of work is a very big shift from being a student, it’s a shift from
a lot of theory and long deadlines to a lot more pressure. In all this, your perspective of the ‘real world’ and your vision of your career may change, it may either be a positive or negative change, however you should always stay true to your values
and principles, and most of all making it through this transition is all about making yourself valuable.


OHS All 4 Skills:

Our vision is to increase health and safety awareness among workers and employers and further reduce the high levels of corporate accidents in Southern Africa  
— by developing, implementing and maintaining positive and effective systems for Safety, Health and the Environment that are consistent with legislative standards.

We strive to create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and believe that all accidents are preventable with no repeatable occurrences.

We believe that accidents don’t have to happen and that they can be prevented, thus we aim to assist industries in the prevention of accidents and injuries through on-site consulting.

The experienced and trained staff at OHS All 4 Skills have the practical and theoretical knowledge to be able to assist clients in the prevention caused by accidents or incidents.

We specialize in providing OHS Training and other OHS services -Risk Assessments (advising on quality of risk assessments), Safe Work Procedures, Legal Compliance Audits, Incident & Accident Investigations,

Advisory Services, Workplace & Site Inspections & Reporting , Onsite Consulting And more…

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or queries 😊
Website: www.ohsall4skills.co.za
Email: info@ohsall4skills.co.za
Call: Madelyne – 0817017998  

COVID-19 Readiness Solution

IBTS Africa is a multidimensional company and a leading provider of Occupational Risk Management Services instrumental to the reduction of injury and fatality rates in companies across all spectrum’s of industry in South Africa. IBTS Africa’s success is due to their hands-on approach, high flexibility and providing services and support products that are tailor-made according to each client’s specific needs and risk profiles.

IBTS Africa was established in 2019 with a primary focus on providing Occupational Health and Safety related services and products, based on client requirements through consultancy and mentorship programmes.

IBTS Africa boasts with highly qualified Health and Safety Professionals covering all industry sectors. The establishment of this dynamic professional consulting group is aligned with the increasing demand for relevant expertise at affordable prices.

Through an integrated approach of consulting, training, auditing and various support products and services, IBTS Africa has proven the results of mitigating Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) exposures in high risk environments. Our mainstay is in designing and implementing new, customized, efficient, and cost-effective methods of occupational health and safety for our clients.

Extended Lockdown and COVID-19 related arrangements

It has been a few weeks since we last communicated with you about the impact of COVID-19 on our business. Sadly, since that time, we have all borne witness to how this insidious virus is impacting our families, our communities and our very way of life. What we are facing is daunting, but I am heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and love. Although these are trying times for us all, I remain optimistic that our world will thrive once again.

Precautionary measures to be adopted by all SETAs.

SETAs must follow the guidelines as set out by the National Department of Health and the World Health Organisation with regard to both precautionary measures undertaken to prevent the spread of the virus in their workplaces as well as protocols to be followed in the event of any possible infections at their offices and amongst their employees, learners and stakeholders. Follow the link below to a list of resources to be consulted.

Services SETA COVID-19 Related Arrangements FAQs

Q – If I have the capacity to translate our project to an online platform, will Services SETA allow me to do this and what do I have to do to apply? What alternative delivery methods are acceptable to the Services SETA for theoretical training?
A: The Services SETA allows SDPs to develop their own E-Learning platforms and then apply for Online programme delivery approval. Blended learning programme is also permitted.