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QCTO Accreditation

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We are a preferred and reliable partner in providing customised solutions to education and training related projects

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We will conduct each project with the utmost pride and care. We will take care of the detail ensuring that clients’ expectations are exceeded.

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We believe in the value of repeat business and sound business relationships.
QCTO Accreditation

Don’t Get Left Behind Other Training Providers

Training has fast become regulated by government. This is ultimately good for the industry, but did they have to make it so complicated, to become accredited? We understand the panic every business owner experience just thinking about becoming accredited. After years of applying our knowledge and experience, we would like to offer to expand your organisation by fast tracking your accreditation process. 

You Need QCTO Accreditation Using Our Accreditation And Training Services.

As Nelson Academic Accreditation we regard ourselves as experts in accreditation, regulatory compliance, quality management systems and project plans for private FET and HET Education. Our ethos: Passionate about making a difference in the private education sector; demystifying the process of achieving and maintaining accreditation and delivery of quality provision of private education and the development of people. Contact the experts in QCTO Accreditation.

QCTO Accreditation, Best Accreditation and Training Services
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QCTO Accreditation

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Our fees are charged at a per hourly rate
We deliver quality work in the shortest possible time making our hourly rate economical yet deliverable
We understand that time is money and don’t believe in wasting either
QCTO Accreditation


To be the best at providing QCTO Accreditation and accreditation and training services and support to our clients, in the shortest possible time with the most successful results – the first time.


Providing customised solutions to education and training related projects using integrity, intelligence and diligence.
QCTO Accreditation


We assist Private FET and HET providers of education with the following application and implementation processes:

We are one of the few companies who assist with accreditation with the CHE and registration with the DHET for degree level qualifications. We have extensive experience with these applications and coach our clients on what is required to be a Private Higher Institution. Take the opportunity to add articulation to higher education to your programme offerings. Contact us for a free consultation on the criteria and requirements as you prepare to embark on a journey to extend programme offerings to higher education.

When you need to enhance your institutions crdibility, then you need to be accredited with UMALUSI. You will be able to provide validated qualifications,which contribute to the ongoing improvement of education quality and recognition within the country's education landscape. Contact us for all your regulatory compliance and accreditation services.

(QCTO, CHE, Umalusi, Professional body) This process is extensive and can be complex. We have extensive experience in carrying out this process and will ensure that it is done professionally.

You will be provided with a list of items required and will be assisted by us in accumulating the required evidence documentation. We will liaise directly with the DHET on your behalf.
Our staff has extensive experience in the kinds of preparations necessary for Site Visits and will ensure that an immediate positive impression of your premises is created as well as compliance in all areas.
This is conducted at the training provider’s premises by us to ensure compliance to the relevant processes as outlined in each tab. Training provider will be audited against the criteria for initial accreditation / registration/ programme approval.
We provide assistance in registering with the respective SETA as a registered Assessor and Moderator, once you have completed the ETDP SETA unit standards.
We are experts at managing education related projects, preparing project plans, assistance with implementation of plans, managing deliverables, resources and project milestones. This includes keeping a record of all projects, updating project plans and providing status reports on demand.
QCTO Accreditation

Accreditation Information and Support

Primary Accrediting Body For Skills Based Training In South Africa – QCTO

In South Africa, the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) has emerged as the primary body for skills-based accreditations, replacing the traditional role of SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authorities). The shift in accreditation dynamics has been notable, with several SETAs having closed their accreditation sections. Consequently, the QCTO has become the focal point for accreditation processes.

Nelson AA boasts a wealth of experience and a successful track record in securing QCTO accreditations. The transition from SETA accreditations to QCTO has been remarkably smooth and less cumbersome.The QCTO’s processes are marked by increased efficiency and relevance to the workplace. The accreditation process is significantly shorter – the timeline from the commencement of the accreditation process to the actual receipt of accreditation, now taking only 3-4 months.

We commend the QCTO for their commitment to progress and their continuous efforts to enhance their systems. For those seeking guidance and consultation on this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


“ Nelson Academic Accreditation’s assistance has been invaluable in getting us through the challenge of SETA accreditation. From the start they have made the process that much easier, with practical assistance to meet the required deadlines on time, seeing the whole process through to completion. ”

John Hambleton

Frontline Emergency care


“ Definitely deserves 5 stars. If there is one company you can count on to deliver, it is Nelson Academic Accreditation. We particularly appreciate the Compliance Coaching, Project Timelines and Updates during the Accreditation Application Process. ”

Jessica Evans

Edu Invest

Accreditation and Training Services

We’ve helped So Many Companies


“ Stephanie has been so incredibly effective. All of our accreditations were processed with the assistance of Stephanie, i.e. ICB, MICT SETA, CHE and City & Guilds. We look forward to working with Nelson Academic Accreditation again. ”

Debbie Thompson



“I cannot believe this day has finally come, I actually cried like a baby when I read the letter, didn’t expect such an emotional response. A simple Thank You is not enough to express how grateful we are for your assistance , we would not have been able to get this without yours and your teams help. To us you are Super Stars. Thank you Thank You Thank You” 



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