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About the company

Don’t Get Left Behind Other Training Providers When You Need Accreditation And Training Services.

Training has fast become regulated by government. This is ultimately good for the industry, but did they have to make it so complicated, to become accredited? We understand the panic every business owner experience just thinking about becoming accredited. After years of applying our knowledge and experience, we would like to offer to expand your organisation by fast tracking your accreditation process. 

As Nelson Academic Accreditation we regard ourselves as experts in accreditation, regulatory compliance, quality management systems and project plans for private FET and HET Education. Our ethos: Passionate about making a difference in the private education sector; demystifying the process of achieving and maintaining accreditation and delivery of quality provision of private education and the development of people.


To be the best at providing accreditation and training services and support to our clients, in the shortest possible time with the most successful results – the first time.


Providing customised solutions to education and training related projects using integrity, intelligence and diligence.


NELSON ACADEMIC ACCREDITATION assists Private FET and HET providers of education with the following application and implementation processes:

Accreditation with an ETQA

(SETA, Professional Bodies and Quality Council) This process is extensive and can be complex. We have extensive experience in carrying out this process and will ensure that it is done professionally.

Registration with the DHET

You will be provided with a list of items required and will be assisted by us in accumulating the required evidence documentation. We will liaise directly with the DHET on your behalf.

Preparation for Site Visits

Our staff has extensive experience in the kinds of preparations necessary for Site Visits and will ensure that an immediate positive impression of your premises is created as well as compliance in all areas.

Quality Audits – for Regulatory Compliance

This is conducted at the training provider’s premises by us to ensure compliance to the relevant processes as outlined in each tab. Training provider will be audited against the criteria for initial accreditation / registration/ programme approval.

SETA Assessor & Moderator Registration

We provide assistance in registering with the respective SETA as a registered Assessor and Moderator, once you have completed the ETDP SETA unit standards.

Project Management

We are experts at managing education related projects, preparing project plans, assistance with implementation of plans, managing deliverables, resources and project milestones. This includes keeping a record of all projects, updating project plans and providing status reports on demand.

Experts in: Accreditation | Regulatory Compliance | Quality Management Systems | Project Plans for Private FET and HET Education

over 25 years experience

Our Team

Stephanie Nelson

Founder/Accreditation Specialist

Grew up in Durban, lives in Cape Town, has 25 years’ experience in private FET and HET education. Expertise vary from project management to academic regulatory compliance, quality management systems, assessment and student related support. She has assisted many private training providers in obtaining accreditation and registration and has provided them with valuable compliance coaching. Is passionate about quality education and committed to making a difference especially in the area of transformational learning, as an Adult Education Practitioner.

Aston Martin

Project Manager

Born and raised in Cape Town – currently studying Law through the University of South Africa. Aston assists with academic and legal related administration for all project at NAA. Her keen eye for detail and organisational skills help her in carrying out her role within the company. Aston enjoys exploring her creative side in her spare time by reading, writing short stories and occasionally. painting.

Theresa Soetzenberg

Admin Support

Born and raised in Cape Town. Has over 33 years’ extensive operational experience in the SCM Public Sector environment with a passion for training and development. Theresa assists with the administration of all new projects at NAA. She enjoys travelling and the outdoor life. In her spare time she loves gardening, doing puzzles and cooking. 

Kaylan Jackson

Operations Coordinator

As our Operations Coordinator, Kaylan has a background in working with Skills Development Providers. Her expertise ranges from business operations, quality assurance, project management to facilitation and other skills development activities. Kaylan strives for excellence in client retention and service delivery. In her spare time she prefers to switch off her mind and concentrate on more creative projects.

Chrislea Nel

LMIS and ETD Administrator

Training and development is my life purpose. I believe in building lasting relationships with our learners and feel that the correct motivation, determination and hard work will lead to excellence.

I have a ODETDP Qualification and started my own training company CG Training Academy in 2019. In my free time I enjoy painting and good music.

Craig Cedras

SETA Accreditation Administration

My role at NAA is SETA Accreditation Administration. I am a fully qualified OD-ETDP (Occupationally Directed Education and Training Development Practitioner), a registered assessor and moderator with multiple SETAs. I am also working towards a bachelor’s in human resource management. 

Nikita Raynardt

Marketing & Finance

From Cape Town and runs her own business, Digi-Guru and has extensive experience in Graphics Design and Social Media Management. Nikita assist NAA with marketing, social media (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Website and Google) as well as online invoicing and tracking payments. Nikita is both creative and logical and always ready to learn something new.


Some of our clients whom we have assisted with accreditation.